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Mission… To teach all people, especially children, the true nature of Water. Connection to the power of our words, thoughts, emotions and prayer though water for peace within and around the world.

WATER is what connects us all. We Are Water.

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The EMOTO Peace Project was first declared by Dr. Emoto when he was giving a seminar at The Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Subcommittee at United Nation headquarter in NYC on May 25th, 2005.

The goal is to educate the truth of water to children. By distributing children versions of the “Messages from Water” book or other similar books, Children should learn that we reflect our self in water and in our surrounding. An attitude of Love and Gratitude can change us and so the entire world to a sustainable and beautiful place for everybody.

Its intended age is from 3 – 12 years old. In another 20 years or so, we hope that they will be leading the earth in a favorable direction. We adults must minimize the damage done to the earth till then.

When you recognize clearly about the importance and essence of water, there should be another new positive power (or energy) which will be born. If we think about the future of human beings and the mother earth at same dimension that we have now, nothing will be changed. It will be turned to the world with full of love and gratitude by distributing the messages from water books to children who are our future. 

We have learned that our human consciousness is related to water at deeper level through water crystal technology. And this fact has resonated with different people in different countries. However, this fact has not been taught at any school. The words, “Thank you” have positive vibrations and the words “You fool” have negative vibrations and to ignore is to deny the existence itself and this will give the most negative effects.

These things are obvious when you look at water crystal photographs or do rice experiments and the book, Messages from Water is the ideal tool to educate children these important things. When you also understand we are 70% water, we should know how to treat other people around you.

The Water Peace Project Team is now doing EPP-USA activities to spread the Messages from Water books to children all over the United States. We still need a lot of efforts to achieve the goal.

We are looking for your support to help to make this happen. If you are willing to support the project, please click here to make a DONATION.  Also, if you are interested in translating the Children’s Book into different languages that have not been translated so far or you would like to sponsor the printing the books to distribute in your community for free, please contact us.

One man cannot change the world but one man can deliver the messages which can change the world. The messages are in the book. 

Thank you very much.
With love and gratitude,

Team Water Peace Project



Dr. Emoto’s International Hado Instructors will continue to spread the messages from water around the world with Seminars, Water Ceremonies and International Hado Instructor School.

The Mission is to teach all people, especially children, the true power of our words, thoughts, emotions and prayer THROUGH WATER, for Peace Within and Around the World.

For more information or to book future Events
Please contact us at  info@WaterPeaceProject.com

with Love & Gratitude.


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