Miracle of Water – Kent, England

Miracle of Water – Kent, England

  • Location:Kent, England
  • Venue:Bodhicharya Kent
  • Length:07:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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‘Miracle of Water’
by Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto 

The late Dr. Masaru Emoto was a pioneer in the study of water and human consciousness. You may will recall Dr. Masaru Emoto’s sell-out visit to the UK in 2013, and then later in 2014 when his close colleague Dr. Nemoto came and presented a talk in place of Dr. Emoto, who was unable due to illness. Sadly, Dr. Masaru Emoto passed on October 17, 2014 and yet since his passing has achieved even more recognition for his work worldwide.

In this exciting evening lecture, Dr. Nemoto, Director of Scientific Research at Office Masaru Emoto in Japan, will be returning once again to present ‘Miracle of Water’ with Dr Emoto’s ground breaking research and photographs of water crystal formations, demonstrating how we can generate compassion through our interaction and relationship with water. Dr. Nemoto will also expand on the Dr. Emoto’s work and teachings of  HADO Theory by introducing the new connection with the scientific community, and the collaborative work with Professor Pollack who founded the Scientific Water Conference, a leading water scientist and author of the, ‘Fourth Phase of Water’.

Through the efforts of OME USA Director, Lindsay Kemp, Dr. Emoto received a personal invitation from Professor Pollack to speak the 2013 & 2014 Water Conference to present his Water Crystal research. Dr. Emoto was in the hospital unable to attend so Dr. Nemoto went on his behalf. Dr. Nemoto will bring forth the worlds leading water scientists who have an insurmountable amount of scientific research that supports Dr. Emoto’s theory that water has a memory quality, able to record, store and transmit all information it receives.

Dr. Nemoto will also share Dr. Emoto’s mission with the EMOTO Peace Project that he launched in 2005, welcoming those who would like to support the effort of the EMOTO Peace Project by teaching children about water. Children who learn about water, learn about themselves. We are Water.

This special lecture series will include 2 special water ceremonies honoring water and the life and love of Masaru Emoto. Each participant may include their water in the ceremony for a blessing.

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This event is in collaboration with
Office Masaru Emoto UK / Japan / EMOTO Peace Project

For More Information, Please Contact
Kumanga Andrahennadi – Director – OME UK


‘Miracle of Water’
by Dr Yasuyuki Nemoto


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