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Dr. Masaru Emoto
July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014

Our beloved father, friend, teacher and emissary for water and peace, Dr. Masaru Emoto, passed peacefully at 12:50 am on October 17 2014, in a hospital in Tokyo, Japan with his wife Kazuko by his side. He is survived by his daughter Yoko Yamamoto, two sons Kentaro Emoto & Hiromasa Emoto, and two grandsons Riku and Sora Yamamoto.

His last words were “Arigatou”. (“Thank you” in Japanese). Which in Japanese means to be grateful for our own existence. His family believes he was giving his thanks to all of the people who shared his vision for peace, the people he met along his journey, and everyone who came into contact with his life’s  work.

He was sincerely grateful for his family and every friend he had made throughout his life. He loved and thanked you all so very much. In his last book, ‘Hidden Messages From Water and The Universe’, he wrote, “Life is love, a gift from God and parent, and death is gratitude for a new dimension”.  So now he is in another dimension, looking over us warmly with love and gratitude.

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  • Today –  Emoto Book Fund Online – How can you get involved Today? Make a DONATION to the Emoto Book Fund OR please download the MY HADO Mobile App. Both Support the EPP


  • Monthly Hado Water Ceremony with Medicine Man, Iron Eagle Joe and Hado Instructor, Kristen Bauer together on Delray Beach Fla., on the 1st Saturday of Every Month for a Monthly Meetup  This event is FREE & Open to the Resonant Public


  • February 27th – 28th & March 1st 2015 Sacred Sound Conference will be Honoring Masaru Emoto in Ceremony and ‘The Secret of Water’ Presentation with Lindsay Kemp & the Massages From Water Crystal Exhibit on display.


  • March 6th – 8th 2015 Galactic Wisdom Conference is dedicating the conference to the Life of Masaru Emoto with guest speakers Dr. Yasyuki Nemoto and Michiko Hayashi and special screening of the film, “Invocation”



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  • May 21st to 25th, 2015 Dr. Emoto’s International HADO Instructor School. If you would like to attend and become a Hado Instructor – Please complete you registration Today



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Dr. Emoto’s International Hado Instructors will continue to spread the messages from water around the world with Seminars,  Water Ceremonies and International Hado Instructor School in support of the Emoto Peace Project. The Mission is to teach all people, especially children, the true power of our words, thoughts, emotions and prayer THROUGH WATER, for Peace Within and Around the World. 

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With Love & Gratitude

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